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Authors may submit manuscripts that conform to the scope and focus of the journal as elaborated in 'About Us'.

Submissions only in soft copy form:

Golden Cauldron will accept material submitted only in soft copy format (Word document only) sent through email.

Where to send Submissions:

All submissions should be via e-mail to and the subject of the e-mail should be "Submission - *Category Name* - *Your Name*".
For example - "Submission - Article/ Essay/ Review/ Poetry/ Photography/ Artwork - Tom Hardy"

Guidelines for Submission:

Articles, essays, reviews and travelogues should include relevant citations.

(a) Submissions should be original works in English/Bengali/Hindi. We prefer unpublished works. However, previously published original works should have a declaration mentioning the date and name of publication.
(b) Written contributions should be submitted as Word documents only. Please do not send PDF files.
(c) It is mandatory to submit an abstract of the written material in the document. The same must be between 40 - 60 words. The purpose behind this request is to display the abstract as a concise overview of the submitted material on the home page.
(d) Typical lengths of submissions should be–

Sensitive content involving politics, religion or identity, will be strictly moderated so as to preserve the sentimental values of readers.

Declaration of work being original:

Authors should certify in the submitted material that it is their original work and no portion of it has been reproduced from any other source or work without the consent of the original author. Any such instance will be viewed very seriously. In case of simultaneous submissions the author must inform us once the work gets selected elsewhere. Previously published original works should have a declaration mentioning date and name of publication. Golden Cauldron shall reserve first rights once the work gets published.