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Prateet Sarkar Circle

As a founder and the Editor-in-Chief at Golden Cauldron literary magazine, Prateet Sarkar communicates with other editors and reviewers in the team, distributing work and regulating content for being in tandem with the magazine’s end goal. Apart from the serious business, he takes interest in music, poetry and casual coding. A remarkably driven individual, Prateet Sarkar harbors an unmatched determination and passion for performance. With an expansive vocabulary supplemented with a finely-honed sense of grammatical refinement, he is a one-of-a-kind element in the editorial team. His keen perception and penchant for learning has proven invaluable time and again.

Prantik Majumdar Circle

As a founder and the Commissioning Editor & In-charge of Branding and Design at Golden Cauldron literary magazine, Prantik Majumdar switches perspectives to view the site from an external viewpoint, working to enhance the outreach and appeal of the site across multiple social media platforms. He also harbors a passionate interest towards music and technology, and plays the piano and flute. An astute perfectionist, Prantik Majumdar never misses an error, a blemish or a flawed presence. He is undoubtedly the most detail driven editor in the team, constantly on the lookout for new ideas and trends, and his angle of vision is an interesting mix between receptiveness and unbiased examination. Tricky to please, he filters to make perfect.

Adrija Basu Circle

As a founder and the Lead Editor at Golden Cauldron literary magazine, Adrija Basu takes an overall charge of the content of the magazine, keeping the quality of the same at check. She caters to the creative needs of the magazine, ensuring the alignment of the contents with the magazine's ultimate aim. She vigorously indulges herself in the performing art of theatre and also has a keen interest in poetry writing and photography. Adrija Basu is someone who would rather keep herself engaged in creative pursuits than to let her mind idle. Endowed with a matured outlook, she draws judgement from first-hand experiences. Her uninhibited love for literature adds a much needed impetus to the editorial team.

Ipsita Das Circle

As a founder and the Associate Editor at Golden Cauldron literary magazine, Ipsita Das takes the charge of picking and editing the content which satisfies the goal of the magazine. She deals with seeking the contents for publication along with reading and reviewing the materials which are to be published. Apart from having interest in the field of Artwork, she also practises Photography, . Having an artistic eye, Ipsita Das has a flair for aesthetics. That aside, she is an avid movie-buff, leaving almost nothing to spare. Her analytical process of thinking and the ability of looking through elements aid the editorial team with a thorough result.