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A Storm Inside and Out

by published

There is a big storm gathering outside
With doors shut tight I am in here with you,
A white flash and the lights are gone inside
I still feel you, in the dark I see through.

It is raining hard and your clothes are drenched
Slowly you undressed and put on my shirt
In the flickering candlelight I watched-
Right now, a feast for the eyes wouldn’t hurt.

Tonight’s longer than any other night.
I feel safe and good when you caress me
Between the kisses as I lose your sight
Now and then the lamp glows and I can see.

Removing your glasses, ignoring calls
Beyond these bricks the storm hit the city
Windows shatter, cold and damp are the walls
In here your soft lips hit and ravaged me.

In your dark eyes I see the rising flame
It got very warm, the closer you came.