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From a Vagabond's Pen

by published

And there the road that stretches.
One through the trees.
To the beauties of Nature.
To the reds and greens.
A road less travelled?
Indeed it is so
There's my soul
Raring to go
By the woods, I will stop
To gauge the miles
But not be perturbed
Nor lose a smile.
The wandering wanderer
Into the wonders.
The sky up above
Bursting with thunders.
My feet will sway
To your call
Where you wait
Where in love we fall
The golden fields like your golden hair
Your beauty shining, beyond compare.
I will stop
And gaze at you
And take you in my journey through.
You will wait, with the eyes of dove
I will return with my promises of love.
And then you will be walking with me
Forever to our fantasy.