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That Koel still sings,
The soft brown grass holds my feet,
They say, “Oh dear, when will
She be back?”
I reply, “She’s fine, leading
Her life, tuned along”-

These days of whites
Make me cry,
Just a smile and
That red turban over thy!

The lashes, black,
The naughty winds
Used to play with
You, against your hair-thrills!

The heathers cry,
The lotus floats,
The mole squeaks,
This wait is long!

That dense white fog,
That small ray of smoke,
The inmates with you,
I miss all of those.

The grasses have shuddered,
The lake has dried,
The tree stopped blossoming,
Oh! Missing ya, they’re!

The day you retreat,
‘ll not be there,
My love will-
Those feelings were true,
Those dreams-
They glittered,
Dreams of running out
This monotony,
Hand in hand;

But you left me apart:
‘ll be miles afar,
Though my love will always
Be with you, dear;
And those lush growths
Of green.
Against the meadows
And along the hills,
Will always make
You remember;
Those glim days of:
Chill, Love and Winter!!