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You have been asking— “What is it?
Oh, what is it?” — for so long.
My tongue rolls up;
I try explaining
but, oh Dear! Do I fail!
Every time!
And the worst part of it is
I always knew beforehand that,
This is what
Was going to happen —
But then why do I fear?

No. It’s what.
It’s the emptiness that has wrapped me
From every side;
The black hole on the inside
Pulling on me with every inch of force
Till I crumble,
And from a distance,
watch myself getting reduced to dust
At someone else’s feet.

This presence is unbearable!
And yet, I want it so much more
With each passing moment.
This is toxic!
And yet, I’m in love
With this agonizing death —
Falling free

From one infinity
To another.