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Lusting Over Lilies

by published

Under Luna I sit and slumber,
Chasing the waters crawling under the light,
Water that bathes in sensuality
Water that soil with disgust
Becoming an endless churning of vivid black.

She stands in the artistic skin before me,
She’s bathed in the iridescent blue,
Drab grey blooms to white at her touch,
While her lips spawn pleasure when they move
Radiating bliss upon my barren life.

She’s the glow of the dark,
Hiding away but never too far.
Her voice makes the dark grow lull,
So the nights bear light and are dark no more
So her temples are smeared with the watery azure.

Brown-Flary-Deep vast eyes,
Eyes so serene, eyes so tranquil,
The way her dress creases upon her skin, its art,
Gaze upon a gaze is a lustful torment,
While one glance ricocheting off mine feels healing.

Shall I place her before a Lily?
Or shall I place her upon a Rose?
Sensuality and spirituality both reign alike,
Her presence is an eternal symphony.

I can’t write her anymore,
I shall paint her vivacity under my skin,
My skin where our night sleeps deep,
My skin where her aura frantically etched.

Now I sit in wild anticipation,
With her residing inside me,
As the Lily, upon the Rose,
Canonised and embedded in fervour’s cosmic code.