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Scarlet Wail and Caramel Breasts

by published

...all shall approve
Us canonized for love.

A cottage few miles far,
Sweet peach’s motherly breath.
Us, inside, my eyes fixed
Admiring her ash rose bouffant,
Drunk me would ink few lines
On the love I made
With every inch of her's — her scars;
She is the moon I gaze at.
My muse is she; I dig my grave in
Smile of her: whole brown tress
Her hair, I bathe my weary limbs
In the holy cascade — I adore
Her caramel breasts and glory.

I quaff your scarlet wail,
Approve the love's envelope
Let you not tremble 'lone
I take in your malady.
Take you to Dove's carnival
In white and red;
We would make love
Mirror the mystery
And the bizarre and burn;
The epitome of trueness
And pain.