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A Mother's Love

by published

The dark demon was unleashed by an unknown enemy. After being trapped in caverns for long, he was enraged. His only search was the freedom to satiate his anger. He was starving. His hunger and thirst knew no limits. With the new found emancipation, he moved ahead, knowing extremely well how to rule the big world out there with the powers of his blinding fury. Determined, he didn't stop until he accomplished his goal.

Slimy, slithery, he wriggled on with an alarming pace, squishing and destroying anything that seemed to be a hindrance in his way. As he approached, everything that he or his shadow touched, went out of life like a trampled, withered flower, not having the fortune of sharing its beauty or aroma with the world.

Gradually, all that remained was a desert. Not made of golden sand but dry grey ash and a putrid pungent smoke filled the atmosphere. The demon laughed. His laughter echoing through every possible nook and cranny. He claimed himself the master of all the destructions revealing his pride.

All of a sudden, there was a light. It shone brighter than the brightest of stars that once dotted this endless, dead atmosphere. Its dazzling radiance blinded the demon’s deep red eyes and melted his body into a sordid lump. The illumination kept on increasing. Not even for a single moment did it seem to die down. Little by little, inch by inch, the grey, lifeless desert turned into a glorious gigantic bright orb; the loveliest of all.

The light had a form now. The form of divinity. The form of femininity. The mother nature, the mother goddess. The beauty beyond comparison, the cradle of love, of life, the safest shelter for all her children. The demon didn't stand a chance. None ever did. The love of a doting mother always protected her children from harm. Sometimes it looked like a trident, sometimes a sword, but it was, and will always be, the most potent weapon of all- a mother's true love for her children.

The demon defeated, her children crawled into their divine mother's lap and she lulled them into the most peaceful slumber of their lives, not to be disturbed by any ghastly nightmares, but to be guided into their most beautiful dream worlds.