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Persona is the mask they say I’m wearing
Persona is the real me that I’m hiding,
My smile, my cries, all that I show
My anger, my love, all that I feel,
Persona is the name I use to be seen.
My ideals, my disgusts, everything that I know
Crumble and join to make me kneel,
Everywhere I go, they are to be seen.
Persona is the way of my living
It is the way of my feeling
It is who I am and who I am not,
You think you know me
But all you see is the dark.
My light, my inspiration, is what I hide,
But to you, I am the warmth,
You cannot feel my cold,
You pretend to see my light.
Now say, who is the one hiding?
Is it my persona you’re describing?
Or is it the “you”, that you’re hiding?
It is your persona that you find,
Through my persona,
It is you who shine.