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To Granny, With Love...

by published

Scampering by the shores amidst Aeolian breeze,
With shrieks of her pain pulsating, as he hies,
Silhouette of anglers can be discerned advancing,
As the dwindling shafts of sun meet the shingles, glistening.

Years elapsed since she breathed her last,
Still a glance at her souvenir makes him gloomy and aghast,
Those vivid evocations of her love, warmth and affection,
Makes him delve into the ocean of deep remorse and retrospection.

Yet he can recall those creased puckered hands of her,
Caressing his forehead, the night before she was put upon the bier,
"Be gracious and considerate to all mortals that thrive",
Were her last words to him before she closed her eyes.

Waves of time have paved a way to dusk;
As another cycle concludes, with passerines returning from their tasks;
Abiding by her counsel and serving people in need;
Survives my dingy mate, till he gets freed.