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Dreaming Forever

by published

The days and nights were just endless stretches of time. Every moment was agonising. Life was nothing but a dark endless labyrinth.

He missed her to the point of going insane. But he knew that there couldn’t be any other way. So finally, unable to resist, he gave in to the temptation and unlocked them with the special key. It was the only key to her dreams-Very rare, very special. As he unlocked, the dreams streamed in and flooded him with their glowing warmth. They hugged him like a long lost friend. He finally felt happy. His heart swelled with happiness as if he were in her company, in her arms. Tears rolled down his cheeks but at the same time, there was a smile on his face.

In her dreams they were always together. It was the realest of all realities that was there now. Life without her was death, but this was a new life. He kept swimming in the dream ocean, kept smiling, he could see her again, there wasn’t anything else needed. Taking a deep dive in and letting the dream waves lock him into them, he never swam back to the shores of the worldly reality.