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Merry of Despondency

by published

Dazed out, I stand in-between the vast legion of spent moments,
Shedding leaves and spilling tears of crying and dancing memories,
Drenched in the blissful high of some incoherent dreams- molds my entity.
Shimmering trees and their dark bark, obsoleting my wonders, I say-
“Solace is not something to search for, rather someone you want it from,
Only quenched when it fulfills its own will of fulfilling”.
The road lathered by the tears of my pain,
Reflecting the sorrows I pertain,
Subtle hint, a spark of undesired, paving my morbid thoughts
Into my head, calming it seemed when unborn,
Behemoth of a woe after birth, smothering my vitality,
Encased in dirt and putrid intentions, walking towards me-
A simple smile made my life so dreadfully weary.
You see me? My despair, of leaving this empty attic?
The bright shine glitters, nothing but a tantalizing rhapsody.
As the dress is shed, the tree cries, wailing to be revived again,
Waiting for the next fall, I am, unlike her.
She waits for nearing spring.
Young and envious I was, you saw me walking away,
Dwindling and dissolving, now you see,
Me shrinking in your vast clairvoyance of me.
Colors are no more, all blended together- juvenile crime,
Came the birth of darkness.
What to do? Why do you sit nonchalant?
Awed by the winsome crime you waltzed through?
Deeds suffocate, nothing but vapid delirium I was- eternally,
Sculpted me into chic symbol, a God perhaps?
Now, I walk towards the white, nothing holds back, nothing tied,
As I always was nothing but an ideal entity you made me to be, inside you,
Consummation of my flaws and the perfect ME that resided in you.