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Where Do Emotions Sail?

by published

He came like the sunshine
In her everlasting cloudy monsoon days,
Like the fiery moon on a lonely night,
Like the cerulean blue in an empty tide!

She holds an ocean of Mysteries,
Captivated by a half-dead soul.
Altered senses in oblivion,
Trying to tell a story-
Known to the wet canvasses
And to the sleepless pillows.

Her poetry is dark!
But life so has been
Getting inundated in her eyes,
He sees the unending fight.
It's a land fragile,
Where she built her kingdom!
It's neither a fairy tale,
Nor a fantasy world.
But he had multifarious hues to shower
And she was getting drenched.

As if, she was gathering all her pieces up tenderly,
And feeling whole again.
It was not a new world to travel to,
But he broke open the unseen boundaries, she created.
He saw strength in her broken wings
And beauty in her pain!

He set her free,
For someone else.
It rained heavily
When she couldn't lay out
The pieces of love and hate.
Love seemed beautiful but bound for her
Love was sacrifice for him,
And Love was a wholeness in an ounce together.

Some stories do not need an end,
Merging with the infinite blue, they remain!
Shining like the brightest stars.
When the sky gets overcast
And only silence prevail;
Where do emotions sail?