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Writers’ Block

by published

In a room dimly lit
To write my first piece, I sit
Over thoughts; lame and mundane.
I overthink to render myself insane
Writing is about expression than creativity
But, where do I place my negativity?
It is this, that overpowers me
Beyond which there's no hope I see.
After hours of trying to be creative
I end up just as unproductive
So, in this little room and idyllic setting
I delve deep, into introspecting
Tired of diffidence and self-pity,
I want a way out of this culminating negativity.
Well, to this problem only I have an answer
I discerned, self-reliance should I muster
If I want a valid place for me
Beyond this despair I must see
My thoughts in words will find expression
Struggles of a writer and his confession
Pretty dull it might seem to you
This depressing account of a writer, so new.
But, even "The Bard" did once humbly begin
Eventually reaching his era of reign
So, my account as well humble be
Dull, but worthy of every beginner like me.