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The Dilemma of Centuries - To Have or Not to Have!!

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This is 21st century and we have come very far from the dark ages. The distance between the western and eastern hemisphere has become negligible with the advent of technology, yet here we are, assessing whether abortion should be legalized or not.

Millions of women face unwanted pregnancies every year, and 4 out of 10 decide to get abortion because of various different reasons. Some of which can be health-related, society related, or may be due to safety reasons or medical complications. A woman can have various reasons for not wanting a child: she may not be ready to be a parent, may want to focus on her career, can be in an abusive relationship, could have been sexually assaulted or it can be due to medical complications in which either the fetus don’t have a chance of survival or it might be terminal- and the list goes on. But, the most disturbing question remains open for debate- Is abortion legal and ethical?

“No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.” ― Margaret Sanger.

There is nothing much to say about the above-mentioned quote, it is self-explanatory. Pro-life vs Pro-choice is a nasty debate. Though I have tried to give several reasons for abortion, it is not my call to take. I am not in support of the decision of terminating pregnancy. Being a woman myself, I don't favor abortion till it becomes an absolute necessity. But who gets to decide it? Are we as women committing a crime by choosing abortion? Are we going to be held responsible and accountable for the decisions that we make under different circumstances?

The topic is argumentative- legally and morally. I feel that we need to understand life to be able to decide whether we can give life or not.

Two strong viewpoints exist on this topic of abortion. We come across Pro-life supporters who consider abortion as murder and therefore a crime, for them the value of life is of utmost importance and according to them, life starts at conception. On the other hand, we have pro-choice supporters who associate abortion to the issue of women's rights. It is a personal and private choice. It is not about the right to get abortion rather to have a choice regarding it. Therefore, stressing on the fact that pro-choice is not pro-abortion.

I write this article on a nasty topic because I feel that there should be no debate regarding such a sensitive issue. I am not defending the right of women to choose abortion neither am I stating that a woman is sinning by getting an abortion done. I just want a woman to have the freedom to believe what she wants to believe. There are a lot of things forbidden to women but the right to take a decision based on their circumstances should not be forbidden to anybody. I write this article to emphasize the point that women have a right to live with dignity and have a scope to achieve and pursue their dreams in all possible manner. May they create and pro-create with love and understanding and not with regret and social pressure.

I conclude my article by citing the quote of Ruth Bader Ginsburg – “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. … It shouldn't be that women are the exception.”