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Editorial (Issue-8)

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Time, an unstoppable and ceaseless force that pushes the present into the past and brings forth the unknown, has rolled over to bring us back to yet another March. This time though, the world is abuzz with activity and steps towards resurgence of normal life, a far cry from last year when the COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdown had pushed humanity into self-exile. It is well worth being cautiously optimistic however, as an adversary that cannot be seen may always be lurking just below the surface.

Speaking about normal life, let’s not forget that Spring season is on us, and brings tidings of the festival of colours, Holi, and a bouquet of exclusive flowers from Nature’s garden, like the Palash and Shimul. Vibrant and showy, they go on to prove that life is akin to riding the waves, full of ups and downs, and ample scope to explore the boundless beauty of Nature.

When we think about Holi, it conjures images of spraying people with water-guns, and smearing aabir on friends, elders and young ones alike. A festival of gleeful joy and happiness, a celebration of the myriad colours of life. Holi begins with a dohon, a rite for banishing evils, a rite especially relevant this year. Holi is the festival of communal union where people regardless of religion unite to celebrate as one. This year, the date of the festival almost coincides with the assembly polls of West Bengal. Judging by social media activity and the incessant flurry of news on the local dailies, the spotlight is now almost entirely on this different kind of festival. Safe to say then, that Holi is marred by hues of Politics, arguably the biggest “festival” of India. However, we as a society must not lose sight of the ground reality before us, be it about the lingering pandemic or the far-reaching impacts of the polls.

Despite all that, celebrations are in order, as the rejuvenation of life from the clutches of fear and death brings with it a new set of things to look forward to, and challenges along with it. But what are we, if not receptive to progress, advancements and mobility towards newer and better things? We humans are nothing if not resilient, and with that in mind, in this blossom season, Golden Cauldron Literary Magazine brings to you its “Spring Edition”, with poems, artworks and writings, bringing the bloom into focus.

We do hope you enjoy our offerings, and we implore that you err on the side of caution when it comes to the road ahead us, as it may seem clear when held in stark comparison with the year past, but may very well full of surprises at every turn. Fingers crossed for a better March and more!