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Editorial (Issue-7)

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Well, the most awaited week of Love has started. Although many say that this is a highly commercial stunt of the capitalist world (though cannot disagree to that completely), there is no harm to dedicate a few days to express our love for fellow humans. We all have come across the question, “What is Love?”, from our very childhood, be it in our best friend’s slam book, or in a toast of a friend’s wedding or even at a therapist’s chamber. We all realise how our answers for this question have changed and developed, as we matured - from filling out our friend’s slam diary to answering in front of the mirror.

The famous dialogue, “pyar dosti hain” echoes in our ears sometime or the other, when we encounter the question of understanding love. If you ask me, I think love is not to be understood, but to be felt; love is that wholesome feeling that transcends us from our mundane rational understanding. Love is that first cry of a child that a mother hears, enabling her to forget all pain; love is the wrinkled shaking hand of our grandmother that lulls us to sleep, making us believe in the world of magic; love is that irritation that comes out of constant nagging of our parents to eat on time; love is that wagging tail that waits at your door step every day; love is that anger of your best friend when someone breaks your heart; love is that glimpse you wait for, while boarding the school bus; love is two trembling lips uniting for the first time; love is that special someone who loves somebody else… love is you prioritising yourself sometimes, the smile that your mirror reflects back at you.

There is this popular notion of reducing, rather confining the concept of love within the measured boundary of romance between a heterosexual couple. Love, which I suppose is the only feeling that helps us broaden our mind and makes us more inclusive, is often hushed and shushed down in our society, becomes the scale of morally judging people. It is time that we stop picturing a girl and a boy holding hands when we talk of romantic love. Let us normalise gender neutral love irrespective of race, cast, religion or age. Let love be the most pristine, unadulterated feeling that one fellow being shares with another. Let us all wish in this week of love, for the return of love in that gloomy room of an old age home, in the dormitory of an adoption centre, in the streets where from the paws and sniffy nose to the homeless little hands wait for the warmth of love. To all those broken hearts who think love comes once, let me tell you my dear friend, love will return amidst those shattered pieces of yours, to mess up your already messed up world a little more. For a change, why not in this this Valentine’s Day we ask ourselves to be our own valentine? We all know very well to love others, but for once, let us love ourselves a little bit more this time. Remember, the warmth of love is all that we need amidst the whirlwind of life.