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Editorial (Issue-6)

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The globally alleged “doomsyear” that has wreaked havoc upon millions has come to an end, ending numerous lives, known and unknown. The agitation caused by the constantly changing numbers and graphs on screen do not just reflect the general perplexity and helplessness, but also the underlying irresponsible actions that have caused the graphs to look the way they do. The number of active COVID-19 cases has dropped significantly over time, but the more rapid fall in awareness and adherence to rules and regulations has heralded the new year with an infectious embrace. The new mutant strain of the virus, reportedly more transmissible, has brought in newer concerns that need immediate attention and demands a proactive approach. A closer look at the condition however, will reveal the severance of human ties more than the surface mayhem. This has not been the happiest of beginnings, but the hope that rests in us, with added effort, shall pull things together. We have learned to create in captivity, sculpt in silence, and we have passively reconstructed a lot in the past year. However, the time isn’t ripe for harvesting fruition, and there is more to put in.

New Year celebrations have somehow managed to glimmer through the restrictions, almost as naturally as any other year. The streets may have had their calm in most places, but the posts on social media reveal the boisterous instincts set loose yet again. Perhaps it will take more than just a chafed year to set the “mood” right for what must be done, rather than how things must appear. Nonetheless, caution does not necessarily mean complete restraint, and we of all generations know exactly how and to what extent stagnation can affect an individual, even an entire society. The symbolic lockdown that we have much hesitantly embraced has had its outcomes, but the year-long severance from our own selves had to come to an end. Now would be the time most suited for actually acting smartly, responsibly and effectively, having gotten used to the necessary fear and ultimate will to thrive.

The magazine itself has gone through certain changes to make things work all the more efficiently, one of which necessitates it to release its issues once a month, instead of twice, to make certain that it delivers what was promised – quality, originality and novelty. Certain endeavours are in play to arrange for newer features to make the platform suitable for a much larger audience, and the means to keep them healthily engrossed in art and literature. Everyone reading this is heartily invited to join our Facebook GroupGolden Cauldron, where certain literary activities shall be available for participation (poetry, short story, drawing and photography), and arrangements shall be made for literary communal exchange. Competitions shall be held and winners declared. Best entries shall be featured in our monthly issues directly. Enthusiasts from all age groups are encouraged to participate in such activities and showcase their talents in an environment that will not only nurture their abilities to write and create, but also instil the confidence, the little push that most of us need to be directed in our desired paths. Also, our beloved member of the editorial team, Adrija Basu shared her birthday with the all so hope-filled year 2021 (January 1, 2021), and has shown exemplary responsibility in celebrating her day safely, among friends and family. Let it be a reminder to make the most of the times to come, and be a little cautious so as to be prepared to have a robust presence on more such occasions.

May this year bring happiness, good health and newer ideas to inspire and motivate. Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR on behalf of Golden Cauldron!