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Editorial (Issue-5)

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The time of the year has arrived when we often get confused whether or not to put on a sweater; whether to have a nice cup of coffee or to switch on the fan. Yes, winter has already begun! And as usual excited we are, we gear up for vacations and picnics. Our Grandmothers heads up towards knitting sweaters. Did I forget to mention that they prepare ‘all-time favorite’ pithes too? Compared to those winter’s pithe, quilts seem dearer to Bengalis. Thus, most of the ‘early risers’ finds fun in placing their quilts and pillows under the sun. Also, when elderly members engage themselves in a debate near tea-stall, the headstrong youths fix lights for midnight badminton game.

After spending nine months inside a dark womb, when a child is born, world seems ambiguous to them. Now, we have come to the final month of 2020. And apart from celebrating Christmas, as we recollect our ‘past life’, we could only feel the prolonged deathly silence. Because witnessing this immense loss is indeed a hard pill to swallow- we are still in a state of disbelieve. Oblivious of the life behind the main door of house, we find our state quite similar to that of Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner.

Surprisingly, we found that this famous poem itself has not only proved its excellence back in 18th century but also successfully predicted our present state. There are the same heinous crimes committed by human race, which lured the curse. There is the same wrath of Nature which has got unleashed. There are the same ‘crew members’ who falls dead one by one leaving us in a state of misery.

Stricken by an unknown disease since last November, we have faced a number of damages. Be it the Australian Bushfire, Beirut explosion, Earthquake, swarms of Locust, Amphan, Assam flood or the COVID-19, there has already been a drastic downfall in world’s demography. Loss of uncountable frontline warriors along with notable personalities like Eddie Van Halen, Chadwick Boseman, Chuni Goswami, S.P. Balasubramaniyam, Soumitra Chatterjee, Shyamal Chakraborty, Rishi Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Saroj Khan, Irfan Khan and several others, has indeed raised a question among us. Are we not living in a state identical to that of Coleridge’s Mariner?

After losing, the crewmates when Mariner is left all alone, he identifies the most neglected creatures providing him that mental solace. Henceforth, when we recollect the memories of spending winter with our relatives- either placing pickles in the terrace, making pithe, having a nice walk in foggy mornings, celebrating Christmas in Park Street or desperately trying to fit ourselves in a sweater; we observe that those ordinary events to be much more vibrant. The memories of our tiniest of activities makes us feel alive. As it gives strength to endure the huge loss.

Team Golden Cauldron will have completed four months by the end of this year. People from every corner of the world have been eagerly waiting for this year to complete. And now as we are getting decked up for welcoming the upcoming year, we might not spend Christmas like before. Still, deep in our hearts, we could hear the jingling sound of bells coming all the way from snowy landscape. Here is to pulling the curtains before 2020 and hoping that New Year brings light to our existence.